Energy & Resources

Energy & Resources: Cryogenic Applications Innovative and Economical PUR and PIR Insulation Solutions LNG & Petrochemical Sectors Cryogenic Applications Pacific Urethanes formulates UrePac® Cryo foam systems to be used in the manufacture of thermal insulation of industrial pipes, tanks, vessels and equipment used in cryogenic applications. Pacific [...]


LNG Innovative and Economical PUR and PIR Insulation Solutions Driven by increasing natural gas demand, huge new investments in LNG infrastructure provide great opportunities for Pacific Urethanes. Insulation is key to the safe and efficient operation of these facilities at -163C, often in hot & humid environments. We offer [...]

Machinery & Services

MACHINERY, SALES & SERVICE On-Site Machine Maintenance and Services Pacific Urethanes Offers a Comprehensive Range of Polyurethane Equipment and Service. Pacific Urethanes have experienced technicians to provide solutions for all your machinery and service needs. From diagnosing, to upgrading to implementation. Our expert team provides workshops and on-site [...]

Manufacturing & OEM

MANUFACTURING & OEM Maximise System and Operational Efficiencies We take pride in developing ideas and designs in conjunction with our customers, to engineer and manufacture polyurethane products and systems to suit individual needs and requirements. Pacific Urethanes excel in building tailor-made solutions which maximise system and operational efficiencies for [...]

Building & Construction

BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION Environmentally and Energy Efficient Polyurethane Solutions Pacific Urethanes leads a campaign in the construction industry providing environmentally and energy efficient polyurethane solutions. Our culture of innovation is one of the most exciting parts of working in this industry sector today. We are shaping the future by [...]

Mining, Resources, Infrastructure

Mining, Resources, Infrastructure High Performance Polyurea and Polyurethane Protective Coating WORLD-CLASS TECHNOLOGIES Extending Asset Lifespan & Protection Pacific Urethanes has an excellent range of high performance Polyurea and Polyurethane protective coating formulations. High-performance polyurea and hybrid systems provide flexible, durable, unbroken membranes across an extensive range of water, [...]

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